Blocto is a cryptocurrency wallet from the Portto team, developed on the Flow blockchain.
Blocto is specially designed for users who have no experience with cryptocurrency. Provides an intuitive interface with keyless account management and a single inter-network payment.

Each blockchain has its own transaction fee model. Users must obtain various cryptocurrencies before they can start using blockchain applications. This is painful for users. Here you can use the Blockto points (it is not yet clear whether it is a crypto token) to pay the transaction fee on all blockchains.

When registering, users are given several free points (points) so that they can try out blockchain applications. Users can also earn points by inviting friends, completing missions, or making in-app purchases via Apple / Google.

Tomorrow, they launch BloctoSwap — the first decentralized exchange on the Flow blockchain. BloctoSwap will first support the FLOW/tUSDT pair (tUSDT — USDT on ERC-20).

It is noteworthy that despite the fact that BloctoSwap is DEX, users from the United States and Canada will not be able to use BloctoSwap.

When you launch Blocktoswap, you can buy FLOW for $0.38, which is the auction price.
Only staking rewards from FLOW coins transferred to Blocto will be traded.

Most of the participants have sales on Coinlist-FLOW coins are blocked on the Coinlist exchange until October 2021 and it is likely that staking rewards will not be possible to implement.

Blocktoswap doesn’t have a management token yet.


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